Juliane Schreiber

Juliane Schreiber studied Fashion & Design at the AMD Akademie Dusseldorf. She did an internship at Christian Wijnants in Antwerp (2013), at Hütte & Kostüme in Hamburg (2010) and then received the Deutschland Scholarship (2014). Now she is a postdoctoral fellow at the Academy in Ghent.

Schreiber is working as a costume assistant at the Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf; she designed the costumes for the show ‘Tschik. From 2015 she worked at the TextileLab Tilburg for the application of special weaving techniques. There she also developed the costume for Tanzen auf dem Malerwanderweg (Dancing on the Painters Trail) based on the flow of the river Elbe.

Her work was shown in Berlin (2014 AMD in Berlin), Arnhem (2014 Recycled Fibres) and Düsseldorf (2013 In another Room), London (2014 The tuktuk) and in Eindhoven (2016 Dutch Design Week).