Ries Doms

Ries Doms is a drummer in the band The Kik. Before that he played in Hooghwater, a psychedelic band. With The Hydromatics (UK / Aus. / USA), European Scott Morgan Band (formerly Rationals / Sonics Rendezvous Band) he toured all over Europe.

A few years it was mainly Powervice and The Spades, a band with which he recorded an album with Jack Endino (Nirvana producer / Mudhoney). In 2004 he played in the American hardcore band The Bars.

Simultaneously with The Kik he also does special projects such as a duo with Han Bennink (Paranoia Festival – Paradox) Rudeboy and other bands and from the year 2009 Ries Doms owns his own vinyl label Quadrofoon Records.

For this occasion Ries Doms, Wout Kemkens and Jarno van Es constitute a trio. They compose and play the title song Desire and other musical themes.