Jan Doms

Jan Doms started in 1978 with dance experiments (among others King’s Dress) in collaboration with the Israeli dancer Rina Schenfeld in the dance studios of the National Ballet, stimulated by Rudy van Dantzig and Hans van Manen.

In 1980 he made the first dance (-improvisaties) for small theaters, such as 10:50 M1 Steel counter 8,28 m2 steel, followed in 1981 with Double Whip. This led in 1988 to the founding of De Maatschap int.

In 1990 he created the dance Bucket for the first Tilburg Dance Night at Theaters Tilburg, also shown in the Stedelijk Museum Roermond and in the Exhibition Forum BBK Düsseldorf (1992). He continued with the dance Tocht over de Styx – opening KORZO Theater The Hague.

Specially for the Exhibition Forum BBK Dusseldorf Jan Doms developed  in 1992 the first German speaking dance: Judaskuss, which was also performed at the Stedelijk Museum Roermond and Stadtmuseum Meissen – Franziskanerklosterkirche.

LEF productions | collaboration with Olga Doreva

After many other projects Jan Doms founded in 2001 LEF city dynamics. In the city of Sofia he created in collaboration with Olga Doreva (architect) inter alia Heaven on Earth, Regained History, Balloon Party at Pancharevo Lake and in Spain amongst others Triangles in the sculpture park of Juan Miró Museum.

For more information, see the book about his work:

Jan Doms – adventure sculpture architecture ISBN 978 90 8637 006 1