Scenic image

Cinematic Experience

Ulrike Doszmann dances over the movable glass disc – design and construction Jan Doms – costumed by Juliane Schreiber, dances the Painter’s Way through the inhospitable landscape along the Elbe. The light animations and projections carried out live by Wiersma & Smeets make this a cinematic experience.

Glass disc a miracle of construction of steel and glass which floats on air

Each part of the steel structure is designed minitueus and laser cut through the Cromvoirtse. The glass parts of the glass disc are laminated in two layers of safety glass 4mm – 1.52 – 4 mm (9.52 mm SENTRY glass) from Saint-Gobain Interior Glass Solutions produced. The lifting bag – custom made by Buitink Technology – with a capacity of 12 tonnes lifts the glass from 2 tons in the middle, so that the dynamic motion can be made by the dancer.